Monday, 4 October 2010

The end

My adoption journey is over. The reasons are personal. I thank you for your interest and support over the last 18 months. I won't visit the blog after today other than to delete it in a few weeks time, but wish all those still on the journey good luck and best wishes for the future.


  1. You must have thought about this long and hard for a long time. It's not an easy decision to make so my heart goes out to you both.
    Lots of luck for your future.
    Ali x

  2. so sad to hear this

    good luck in whatever happens in the future

    maggy xx

  3. So sorry to hear your news and I'm sure you have pulled out for the right reasons. We pulled out a few months ago as well after a huge amount of thought. After things settled down we became hugely relieved and delighted that we've now got our lives back. We've thrown ourselves into all sorts of activities which we wouldn't have been able to do had we adopted and now don't feel we've missed out on life at all. We really felt very vulnerable during the process and would have been even more so had we continued. The whole process is structured around the people working it (our own social worker excepted) it seemed to us that we were being used as a get-out clause for the failings of the social services and not in the best interest of us nor particularly, the children. All the best for the future to you both. Chris and Camilla Buckley

  4. so sorry to hear your journey is over :( I hope you dont delete the blog as there are lots of great pieces of advice about the adoption process for others to read.

    big hugs to you xxxxxxx