Friday, 23 April 2010


We were recommended for approval to adopt at panel yesterday. Leading up to the event I had thought I wasn't nervous. But a bad night's sleep and not being able to manage breakfast for probably the first time EVER have made me think otherwise. Flash was Mr Laidback and went to work in the morning. Me on the otherhand had to indulge in a bit of retail therapy to keep busy. Came away with some nice clothes for work, but will have to reflect on whether my choices were informed and conscious as I bought stuff that I wouldn't normally!

The panel itself was not an ordeal. The whole process from arrival lasted 30 minutes. Bonnie went in first for 15 minutes to answer questions and them came out with the panel chair who introduced herself and told us the areas they wanted to discuss. These were pretty much as expected - how would we manage Flip's transition to uni and his bonding with a new child, how did Flash manage his sight issues and how would he keep track of a young child. What had we learned from the home study and prep group process. We were easily able to answer these, with a bit of humour that had the panel giggling politely and we came away feeling that we had presented ourselves well. Which was obviously the case as we had the good news within 10 minutes and the comment that the panel thought we were a lovely couple. We fooled them!! Only joking lol! We are also ecstatic that Micky and Minnie, our friends from prep group (sorry about the names guys if you are reading!!!) were also recommended for approval so a lovely couple of hours was spent at the pub celebrating with some beer, wine and chips!

So what now? Well, we will get a letter in the next week from the agency decision maker confirming the panel's recommendation and then it is all systems go in finding our new family member. Bonnie has enquired about 4 children already. We are looking for a little girl of school age. Of the 4, SW for A likes our details but a birth family member has cropped up wanting to be considered, so an assessment will have to be done on them meanin it could take several months before we know whether A will be in or out of the birth family. SW for B said they are still family finding in the local area but will keep in touch. SW for C and D have not yet answered so potentially have been on holiday over Easter. We are not in any hurry anyway - we would rather take our time to get the right match than rush into anything.

Have finally taken some crochet pics. Here they are. 2 panels waiting to be joined together, currently about 2/3 of what I hope the finished size will be. The blanket reflects the colour scheme (shades of lavender and cream) that we will be using in the bedroom when done. The single square is actually a lovely dark purple and not the brown colour that the camera on my phone has turned it into!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

2 sleeps till.....

....approval panel. So nearly at the end of the first part of our journey. I can't work out if I am nervous or not. I am having very vivid dreams but sleeping OK, but my appetite is not as healthy as usual ( 2lb off at fat club this week) and I seem to be getting way more work done than usual - subconscious distraction technique maybe? The bedroom is nearly finished, but a side effect of the renovations up there is that we are going to replace the kitchen ceiling, as 2 floor joists had to be replaced as they were rotten. In replacing them parts of the old tongue and groove ceiling (which was falling apart anyway) had to be taken down and so, in for a penny.... here comes a new ceiling. This house really is like the forth bridge!!

It is exciting to see some positive news, and some anxious news from my fellow bloggers - I have been reading but not posting as this time of year is manic with marking and exam arrangements so most of my computer time has been spent on that. So m&m and Ali - best wishes, my thoughts are with you.

Flash seems to have got over his spell of the collywobbles but is still adamant that he will not be rushed into choosing the first child suggested and that we will take our time - which is what I thought we were doing anyway.

Still haven't managed to take any photos of my crochet efforts, but I have about half a granny square blanket completed. I will show it off eventually, I promise.

Good luck and best wishes to everyone else going to approval panel this week.