Thursday, 26 August 2010

The view from our villa's terrace.

We have had a great holiday, very relaxed and recuperated, which is a good job as at 9.05am on our first working day back home, we had a phone call from Bonnie as she wanted to send us 2 full CPRs and 2 profiles. She has been very busy while we have been away. Of the 4, we discounted one straight away with 2 favourites and another a close 3rd. Having had a meeting with Bonnie, for various reasons which, due to confidentiality I cannot elaborate on here, number 3 is now favourite and we are going to wait and see if the childs SW wants to meet us. At the same meeting with Bonnie, she outlined another child whose report she had received via adoption register contacts. The SW for this child has not yet had our PAR but we are interested enough to want to read further, and if the SW wants/likes our PAR to see how it goes. We have had loads of interest from the adoption register,which means Bonnie has been filtering lots of information for us, but I think we are finally beginning to realise exactly what sort of child we want. That sentence sounds really harsh, but by seeing more CPRs and talking them through we are beginning to see which children will 'fit' us and our lifestyle and wider family - not as easy as we thought it might be when we began the process!