Monday, 21 June 2010

beginning to feel real

Been v busy at work over the last few weeks what with it being exam time and lots of marking to do, then a visit to a conference with Flash. Came back and caught up with Bonnie to find she had been very busy in our absence. Bonnie had seen a child in the mags that she thought would be of interest so had decided to contat the child's SW for further info. To cut a long story short, we have read the CPR and there is nothing in there to scare us off and the more we look at it and the pictures, the more drawn we are to this child. Our PAR has been passed on and was well received at the first quick read by the SW so we are just waiting for more feedback following the thorough read. Bonnie doesn't know how many other families are being considered, but to use the fishing analogy, this is our first nibble at the hook, so child could still get away! Also had a SW contact Bonnie having seen our profile and really liking us so some info on another littleun is in the post to us too. Don't know anything about this one other than the name at the moment. So exciting times!! And at just the right time the bedroom should be finished and ready to decorate in the next couple of days (BIL has had to prioritise the day job for the last few weeks and has needed his weekends to recover lol!)

Had another great evening on Saturday with Mickey and Minnie, catching up at a 'microfestival' aka bbq and twinkly lights in a back garden with some good music - back garden of a house in the middle of nowhere, hence the festival analogy!! Thye have also had great news and are actively chasing a link for a sibling group. They are a bit further along than us as they are at the stage where they are trying to reorganise work patterns to fit in visits from SW and family finder. So our thoughts, love & prayers are with them for a successful outcome.